Roboglobal is an educational consulting firm providing services in the areas of STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) with main focus on using VEX robotics as the platform

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Dr. Anne Papakonstantinou

I have known Remi Willoughby since 1998 when she attended Rice University’s GirlTECH. She was an early technology pioneer and a STEM expert before this acronym became popular. She designs activities unlike those that students typically experience in school and challenges her students to think creatively and to extend their knowledge to new areas such as robotics. She has fielded award-winning robotics teams for the Rice School and has mentored other teachers across the area who wanted to replicate what she was doing.
She is recognized as an expert in robotics and is generous with her time in helping further this field.
Remi is nurturing and encouraging but demands the best from everyone. She is a precious gem in the field of education and a dear friend.
Dr. Anne Papakonstantinou
Director of the Rice University School Mathematics Project